1.0 - Public Awareness
1.1 The Forum will be proactive in its approach to make the public and all users aware of the advantages of such a Content Code and the benefits of upholding its objectives.
1.2 The potential use of the wide array of Content choices created by the technological revolution of multimedia convergence is endless. But where there is use, there is also potential for abuse.
1.3 Of particular concern is the exploitation, particularly of young children. It is therefore the responsibility of all Content and service providers to work in conjunction with consumer groups and individuals such as parents and teachers to educate society on how to best manage this deluge such that the positive aspects are always paramount and the negative influences discarded.
In this regard, it is necessary for some form of self-guard, self-vigilance and self-censorship and to promote these checks and balances.

2.0 - Industry Awareness
2.1 In the professional arena of the industry, all Content and service providers should consider it incumbent upon themselves to ensure that the provisions of this Code are brought to the attention of their employees entrusted with Content development and production, Content acquisition decisions and commercial message and news production.
2.2 Conscious efforts to adhere to stipulated standards of excellence and continuous measures to promote the responsible use and dissemination of Content can only lead to healthy growth of the industry and maximise the gains such technological development can bring to society at large.