1.0 - Scope and Coverage
An Audiotext Hosting Service is defined as a service provided pursuant to a licence issued by the Commission, such service being accessed by utilising a telephone or any other future communication tool, and having access via numbers beginning with the prefix 600 or any other number/mode determined by the Commission.
The major purpose of these specific guidelines is to allow Audiotext Hosting Service Providers to self-regulate themselves in the best interest of users generally and in accordance with internationally recognised practice and national policy.  
This Code is a manifestation of a paradigm change brought about by technological advancements in the broadcasting industry. It is acknowledged that compliance with the Content Code is what sets the standards for Content and not the other way around whereby content takes precedence over standards.
Audiotext Hosting Service Content providers shall apply the guidelines set out in Part 2 of this Code in determining whether Content is indecent, obscene, menacing or offensive unless otherwise defined in this Part.
No Audiotext Hosting Service provider shall knowingly provide prohibited Content.
Any content provided must not be misleading, likely to mislead or essentially out of date.
Guidelines will be adhered to on a self-regulatory basis in a manner that would encourage the development of Content and the positive growth of the industry. While recognising the importance of the positive growth and commercial viability of the industry, Audiotext Host Service providers shall at all times abide by all relevant laws and consider the views and interest of the general public.
Where live Audiotext Hosting Services are offered, at least one adequately trained employee must be assigned and present at all times to moderate, facilitate and monitor the service to ensure that all activities within the service remain healthy. The service must provide facilities for the trained employee to immediately remove callers who misuse and abuse the service.

2.0 - Specific Guidelines
Rating Classifications
All Audiotext Hosting Services must be classified according to the following rating classification below and displayed clearly in all advertising materials.
- Information or Entertainment services suitable for all ages. However callers below 18 years of age must obtain permission from the person making payment for the use of the Audiotext Hosting Services.
- Services for the general public 18 years and above.
Specialist Information
 "Specialist Information" is defined as information or advice provided by professionals, corporations, the government, government agencies or any other persons who is appropriately qualified or an expert or specialist in relation to the area of expertise.
Audiotext Host Service content containing professional advice or opinion (e.g. Medical/Dental/Legal/Financial Services) must ensure that:
The person is appropriately qualified in his area of expertise;
The advice is prefaced with a disclaimer that such advice should not be acted upon without first consulting a suitably qualified practitioner, and be conveyed in a manner that accurately reflects the seriousness of the subject matter; and
Any advice involving scientific, statistical or other research data must indicate clearly the source of such data.
An Advertisement relating to an Audiotext Hosting Services containing Specialist Information or endorsement must clearly indicate:
The identity, current status and relevant professional qualification and experience of the person(s) involved; or
The identity of the professional association, statutory authority or government department involved.
Content Designed for Children and Young Persons or Dependent Persons
Audiotext Hosting Services designed for, either wholly or mainly, and aimed at an audience of children, young persons or dependent persons must not
Include references to sexual practices, language or materials that are offensive to the standards of decency prevailing among those likely to be exposed to them;
Involve any information or noise or sound effect likely to alarm any child or young person, or of other dependent person, having regard to special protection for such dependent persons; and
Force or unfairly cause any of the above persons, mentioned in this paragraph to dial additional telephone numbers.
Advertisement of services aimed at young person/children must carry the following warning messages: "This call costs RMX.XX per minute/per call. Callers under 18 must seek parent's or guardians approval before calling".

3.0 - Copyright
Audiotext Hosting Services shall respect copyright ownership of recorded announcements or interactive Content and shall not utilise part or all of the Content from another medium without the permission of the copyright owner.