Experts, celebrities share thoughts on cyber issues at CMCF panel - New Straits Times

13 September 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF) led a panel discussion with experts and celebrities to deliberate on cyber issues here today.

The forum, titled “The Ugliness Inside: How We Behave Different Online”, included CMCF chairman Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, University Malaya senior lecturer Dr B. Vimala, United Nations Children's Fund child protection specialist Phenny Kakama, CMCF honorary secretary Mediha Mahmood and singers Altimet and Caprice.

Discussion topics included cyberbullying, content sharing and self-regulation.

Izham said cyberbullying and the spreading of fake and unreliable news had been a problem for a long time, yet little had been done to address the critical issue.

“Netizens nowadays even find it difficult to differentiate between real and fake news.

“Some irresponsible online users share false content on social media sites without taking into account how dangerous the action could bring to the society.”

Vimala said people must remember that we all share a social responsibility and should be sensitive about content shared online.

She said a recent study found that in 399 Malaysian young adults aged between 17 and 36, 44 per cent had been bullied online in the last six months, while 70 per cent state they witnessed cyberbullying in the same period.

Altimet said cyberbullying might never end, but people could control their reaction to it through self-regulation.

He said this could be done by blocking and reporting online abusers.

The forum was held in conjunction with CMCF’s upcoming campaign, “Di Sebalik Wajah’, which will launch on Sept 19. It is an interactive initiative to educate Netizens to use their online presence in a smarter way.